Yue Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Hotel Tung Chung in Lantau Island

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During our suitecation at Sheraton Hotel Tung Chung recently, we met Yue’s Executive Chef Jacky Chung over lunch and had an enjoyable and candid chat.

Start your meal with Yue’s Signature Tea made from ginger and peach. The aroma made us feel instantly relaxed, calm and welcome.

This Chinese Cabbage with Yunnan Ham broth (pictured) is one of Chef Jacky’s favourite signatures inspired by his earlier days working in Guangzhou.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, he believes that a good Chinese soup doesn’t have to be the usual delicacies like the highly controversial Shark’s Fin soup or something overly fancy.

This broth is cooked over 8 hours with Yunnan Ham. Even with a simple ingredient like the Chinese Cabbage that is beautifully crafted for aesthetics and representation, the taste of this dish is more than meets the eye.

You can’t visit Yue without trying this soup. I highly recommend it.

Another favourite dish from my lunch is the dessert – Tofu Chrysanthemum Ginger Soup.

Chef Jacky cut this tofu into the shape of a chrysanthemum in less than 1.5 minutes! Amazing cutting skills.

I love that this dessert is lightly sweetened by the local honey from Mui Wo.

This ginger soup made me feel really good after the lovely lunch at Yue. What a great end to the meal.


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