Top 5 Must-Try Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes at Miss Lee in Central, Hong Kong

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Photo courtesy of Miss Lee

Photo courtesy of Miss Lee

Forget about the usual mock meat in a typical vegetarian Chinese meal, and don’t let Miss Lee’s instagrammable interior fool you into thinking that it’s just a pretty restaurant.

The culinary consultant behind this Miss Lee is Chef Siu Hin Chi, a high-profile, serial Michelin star-creator of Cantonese cuisine in HK and the chef behind the 2-starred Michelin Ying Jee Club.

This modern Chinese vegetarian restaurant is breaking the stereotype with elegant, healthy, and casual Chinese vegetarian and vegan food, cheeky dish names, and cheerful ambience in the heart of this bustling city.

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Not fine dining! Please note that these items are made in tasting portions as I was trying many dishes in one seating. These do not represent the a la carte serving portion which is good for sharing.

Here are my Top 5 Must-Try Dishes at Miss Lee:

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1. MISTY VEIL (Vegan)

Sheet noodles with shredded king oyster mushroom, cucumber and homemade vegan sesame sauce

I love everything in this Misty Veil – from the smooth texture of the sheet noodles with the shredded king oyster mushroom to the appetising homemade vegan sesame sauce that doesn’t make me feel like I’m eating a vegan dish at all.

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2. PUMPKIN TRIO (Vegetarian)

Mushroom crystal dumpling in pumpkin soup, truffle and topped with diced pumpkin and pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Trio with pumpkin soup, diced pumpkin, and pumpkin seeds. Never thought I’d enjoy pumpkin so much. This dish goes so well with the mushroom crystal dumpling with truffle. A great dish for autumn/winter.

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3. ROLLING STONES (Vegetarian)

Black truffle onion mashed potato and rice noodle rolls, topped with vegan caviar

You got me at mashed potato but Miss Lee does it even better with Rolling Stones – Black truffle onion mashed potato with cripsy rice noodle rolls and topped with vegan caviar. So comforting.

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Mapo Eggplant and chopped bean curd with Sichuan pepper, hot sauce and served with kale rice

We wished we were not eating this in tasting portion! This Egg-cellent Plant would have made a very delicious meal on its own. Normally, I won’t choose to have eggplant in my dish but everything in this is so enjoyable.

It’s not overly spicy but it has a good spicy kick.

FOODTRAVELBABE Miss Lee (Vegetarian Food)-8489.jpg

5. BLEW-BERRY SWEET (Vegetarian)

Bean curd pudding with caramel crunch and blueberries

Even though this dessert is called Blew-berry Sweet, this is definitely not as sweet as your usual bean curd which makes me appreciate this dish even more.

Pro tip: While Miss Lee serves a la carte menu all day, you can also select from their tasting menus: 3-course lunch at HK$188 and 4-course dinner $338 / 5-course dinner $428 with wine or juice pairing options. (The lunch & dinner portion will be bigger than what you see in my photos here).

Psst! The Petit Fours that we had at the end of tasting dinner were absolutely delightful.


Miss Lee
Address: G/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2881 1811

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