Two Michelin-Starred ÉCRITURE Launches New Furs, Feathers & Iode Menu by Executive Chef Maxime Gilbert

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ÉCRITURE, Le Comptoir’s two-Michelin-starred restaurant and one of Tatler Dining’s Top 20 Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, debuts its annual seasonal Furs, Feathers & Iode menu by Executive Chef Maxime Gilbert and team.

This limited-time menu features freshly hunted game from around the world (Furs & Feathers) and Japan’s finest seasonal seafood (Iode) which is now available until early January 2022.

Écriture, known for its innovative gastronomy, is the city’s most prestigious destination for dining on the finest and rarest wild game of the season.

Furs, Feathers & Iode– Wild Game Tasting Menu by Chef Maxime Gilbert

Premices (“the beginning of good things”) of Bouchee de Pithivier (mini-pithivier) made with baby deer and hare fur is served alongside a tartine of homemade grouse and bonito ham.

This is accompanied by a doe consommé, which is transformed into a dashi by infusing with foie gras, and finished with shaved “bambi-bushi” – a play on the Japanese katsuobushi.

The dishes that follow highlight the best game meats of the season, including Wild Birds in a Pate En Seiche with foie gras and chilli pepper confiture, wrapped in an outer layer of Cuttlefish.

Pheasant, a long-tailed chicken-like bird with a small head and plump body, and Galinette, a bottom-dwelling Red Gurnard fish with distinctively large heads and eyes, are combined for a traditional French galantine wrapped in their own skin and served with clarified jelly of pheasant and galinette carcass and white truffles.

Partridge is a medium-sized game bird with tender, fine-textured meat. The partridge was dry aged in butter for twelve days this year before being oven-roasted and carved “a la volee” with smoked herbs, confit legs, and mushroom tart.

Kinki, also known as the “red jewel of the sea” in Japanese cuisine, is stuffed with Bambi (red deer) fillet and served with smoked caviar and beurre blanc white chocolate sauce.

Grouse, a small, heavily built, and tender dark-meat game bird, is prepared in the manner of a bourguignon, with honey and fermented red plum. Paimpol coco bean custard infused with smoked eel complements the dish.

Based on Chef Maxime’s famous classic hare ‘a la royale,’ Wild Duck ‘a la Royale’ is slow-cooked to perfection with rich-flavored canard, gorgonzola agnolotti, and sabayon.

According to legend, the original Hare a la Royale was created for King Louis XIV, who loved the gamey meat but had no teeth left, necessitating the meat being cooked long and slow enough to become tender enough to eat with a spoon.

Cyrus Yan, a talented local pastry chef, presents his signature modern twists on Écriture’s seasonal dessert creations. The Quince is a light palate cleanser made with seasonal quince sorbet and compote, as well as a sweet beetroot salad.

Following that is the aromatic Hazelnut dessert, which is served as a souffle-in-tart with pear sorbet and shavings of Alba white truffle.

The Furs, Feathers, & Iode Menu

HK$2,880 + 10% per guest


Mini pithivier, tartine de jambon de grouse et bonite, consommé gras aux copeaux de “Bambi-Bushi” 

“Pate en seiche”

Wild birds, foie gras, chilli pepper confiture 

Pheasant and Galinette

Galantine, carcass jelly, lovage cream, white truffle 


Dry-aged in butter, oven roasted, carved ‘a la volee’ smoked with fresh herbs, mushrooms tart on confit legs


Whole grilled fish stuffed with bambi fillet, beurre blanc white chocolate sauce, smoked caviar


Cooked like a bourguignon with honey, fermented red plum, Paimpol coco bean custard infused with smoked eel

Wild Duck

A la royale, sea urchin, gorgonzola agnolotti, sabayon

Sorbet and compote, beetroot salad

Souffle in tart, pear sorbet, white truffle


Address: 26/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2795-5996
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Restaurant Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00pm – 2:00pm / 6:30pm – 00:00am

Sunday and Monday: Closed

This is a news article, not a review. Photo courtesy of ÉCRITURE.


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