Meet the ultimate whet dream of any Wagyu lover… in a WAGYU BEEF BENTO.


Seriously, who would have thought of this?

Japan’s lunch boxes (aka bento) are usually unassuming and affordably priced.

But this latest beef bento is filled with nearly 10 pounds of premium Wagyu beef from Tottori Prefecture. If you didn’t know, Tottori Prefecture was recently rated as the highest quality beef in the entire Japan by the Wagyu Registry Association. In other words, you really want your Wagyu beef from Tottori.

Here’s a close up:

Are you whet yet?

I meant your appetite.

Every compartment of the bento box is stuff with premium beef that sits atop a ration of Tottori-grown Kinu Musume rice. 

Waygu Beef Bento

Even their dipping sauce is flavoured with Tottori-grown pears and wasabi raised in the prefecture.

This is the most mouth-watering beef bento ever.

Wagyu Beef Bento

The exact cuts of the beef are roughly placed in their respective locations on the cow silhouette in the bento compartments.

Wagyu Beef Bento

You’ll get the prime rib, tenderloin, sirloin tip, brisket, chuck tender and also exotic cuts such as the tongue and temple in this GIGANTIC 40cm x 60cm x 11cm bento box!

Wagyu Beef Bento

With a price tag of almost US$3,000 and 10 pounds of premium wagyu beef, this bento is clearly for sharing with beef-lovers who wants the ultimate bento.

From now until March 31st 2018, you can purchase this ultimate wagyu beef bento online from Gochikuru. It takes two weeks to fulfill the orders.

Now it’s time to gather some friends and travel to Japan for this!

Image credit: Gochikuru
Source: IT Media Japan

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