Preface Coffee & Wine Opens Its First Flagship Store in Causeway Bay

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Preface Coffee & Wine is set to open its first 5,500 square feet flagship store in the heart of Causeway Bay on November 7th.

Following the success of its Tin Hau and Central locations, EdTech company Preface introduces a F&B lifestyle concept with a one-of-a-kind multi-functional space combining coffee, wine, technology workshop, and lifestyle.

The flagship store aims to reshape coffee and fine wine culture and become a place where knowledge and a love of coding can become part of everyone’s daily ritual, just like our future.

“What Hong Kongers need is space. Preface Coffee & Wine hopes by expanding during hard times, the space will become a universe for a collection of creativity. Customers can spend the time to get a cup of coffee to enrich themselves with new technological knowledge. This way, coffee consumers will become creators of digital technology, which allows them to shine bright and move forward with the times.”

says Tommie Lo, Preface Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The flagship store’s interior design and layout incorporate the brand story, concept, and vision of education technology. In the United States, the flagship store will host a variety of workshops taught by programming instructors with MIT certification, so that “coffee fans” can learn about popular technologies such as A.I. (artificial intelligence); NFT (non-homogeneous tokens); Metaverse, and others.

Technology seminars and future cultural exhibitions with international companies will also be held at the flagship store, making technology even more accessible.

The first Multiverse-themed flagship store

Preface Coffee & Wine’s four-story flagship location features a minimalistic design of white tones and transparent and wooden furniture, which enhances the sense of space and transparency, bringing a remodelled version of an American Silicon Valley coffee shop to one of the world’s busiest cities. The floors are themed after the multiverse.

A natural wood staircase connects the two floors, where guests can grab a quick bite on the lower floor’s Grab and Go, while others can slowly sample their delicious meals and hang out on the first floor’s futuristically designed Metaverse.

Preface Coffee & Wine carries on the meaning of the word “Preface” and looks forward to using this space as a jumping off point for customers to reimagine the possibilities of the future.


Preface Coffee & Wine takes pride in selection of coffee beans, including house-blend, seasonal selections, exclusive local roasters, and many more.

Using unique coffee beans on the market and ones that are rarely used in coffee shops, Preface is proud to include a fair trade, black honey-processed coffee from Indonesia that is available in Hong Kong exclusively in Preface Coffee & Wine.

The black honey process, a true labor of love, produces coffees that are sweet, fragrant, and full-bodied – ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy brews that balance sweet and fruity, acidic tones.

The coffee culture team is planning to use big data to forecast coffee trends, assess carbon footprint, and provide seasonal flavours to customers.


Preface uses locally sourced produce and has also incorporated the concept of sustainable cooking.

Take chicken for example is one of Hong Kong’s favourite main ingredients which is widely used in Preface menu.

Every day, the Classic Chicken Consommé with Vegetables (HKD 40) is freshly boiled with chicken bones for over 6 hours.

Chicken breasts, on the other hand, are used to make the Roasted Chicken Baguette Sandwich (HKD 55).

This dish highlights the style and flavour of French cuisine; vegetables are also placed beneath the grilled chicken to absorb the roast’s juices. To ensure “zero waste of fresh ingredients,” the chicken is used multiple times.

The Multi-Vegetable Salad (HKD 50) is an excellent first choice for something nutritious, as it features seven different coloured vegetables that act as antioxidants as the seasons change. It even adds layers and richness to the flavours when paired with classic French lemon vinaigrette.

Transforming into a bar after sundown, they sell wines produced using biodynamic farming methods.

This natural process regenerates soil, highlighting the distinct taste and style of the production location, such as the rich ageing aroma of Kohki Iwata Cuveé WA 2020.

There are numerous other one-of-a-kind high-quality specialty wines, such as the limited production Weingut Keller Riesling Trocken 2020, which has a refreshing and pleasant taste.

And their 2009 vintage is still the most expensive Riesling white wine ever sold at a German auction.

In the meantime, guests can enjoy a delicious selection of snacks and nibbles to accompany their drinks.

The Crab Brioche Toast (HKD 95) features generous portions of crab meat paired with creamy avocado, and the Tiger Prawns and White Bean in Tomato Sauce (HKD 130) is perfectly infused with the Tomato concasse in the baguette.

This Espresso Jelly with Condensed Milk (HKD 40) came highly recommended from the shop.

This inventive creation, made from coffee grounds, exemplifies how food can be zero waste and sustainable while also being delicious.

The new Preface Coffee & Wine flagship at Causeway Bay aims to combine a coffee shop, a wine bar, and an educational space, and provide customers with high-quality food and drinks while also introducing them to the integration of technology into everyday life.

Opens on 7 November 2021. However, all alcoholic beverages will only be served from December 2021 onwards.

Preface Coffee & Wine
Causeway Bay Flagship Store

Address: G/F – 5/F , 11 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay

Business Hours:

Sunday & Monday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday to Saturday 8:00am – 9:30pm

IG: @prefacecoffeeandwine

This is a news article, not a review. Photo courtesy of Preface Coffee & Wine.


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