Where to have ridiculously delicious and authentic pho in Richmond, Melbourne

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Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 11:10 pm

Even though having pho in Melbourne wasn’t on my must-try list prior to my visit, this experience has changed everything.

Australia is well-known for its freshest and high quality produce and you must try Australian beef in every way when you visit Melbourne.

This Vietnamese eatery was recommended to me by a friend who is living in Melbourne for well over 10 years.

Opened by a Vietnamese family, you can get to choose your beef pho portions from 3 sizes at this eatery.

Well, I’m picky about eating beef.

Normally, an eatery like that will not entice me as the beef quality would probably be subpar.

But the beef is amazing in Australia by default.

Not only I was impressed by the quality of beef in this pho eatery, but I was also blown away by how delightful these rice noodles were.

The noodles was so fresh, soft and tasted pristine.

Completed in a bowl of refreshing and tasty broth (and herbs – not seen in pic) that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed with cut chili.

It is no surprise that even Vietnamese would agree that this bowl of beef pho in Melbourne would taste better than what you’d get in Vietnam.

I was craving for more pho before I left Melbourne and I went back again for the second time.

There are also many Vietnamese eateries along this street if you want to try other options.

Pho Chu The

270 Victoria St, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia


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