Do you love seaweed? This all-new “Ode to Seaweed” 6-Course Lunch at Two Michelin-Starred TATE Dining Room might be worth a try

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TATE Dining Room, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, has recently launched a refined new seaweed-focused lunch menu with Chef Vicky Lau‘s trademark French-Chinese style.

This is part of the popular series of single-ingredient lunch menus that have previously featured Eggs, Rice, Tofu, Tea, Soy Sauce, Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, and more since April 2020.

Ode to Seaweed

Seaweed’s high glutamate content is rich in umami flavor and is packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

“An Ode to Seaweed,” comprises six dishes of enhanced renditions of several varieties of seaweed, blending classic Asian flavors with French techniques.

From Japanese-style kombu and hijiki to western winged kelp and dulse seaweed, each course introduces a different form of seaweed.

Just so you know, Ode to Seaweed does not include any traditional meat dishes at all.

It offers a nutritious degustation with refined innovative spins on seafood and vegetables, with a concentration on seaweed, with the goal of reducing meat consumption.

Alright, let’s get started!

The menu starts with a delicate seaweed-infused amuse-bouche: seaweed sourdough cracker, sea snail with celtuce, smoked eel mousse tartlet, and squid egg custard with seaweed.

First course: KOMBU

The first course, KOMBU, is on edible kelp from the brown-algae family. It is well known for its use in dashi soup stock.

In this Japanese kombu cone, there is fresh local crab meat with ocean mousse and seaweed salad with Jerusalem artichoke puree. Caviar is an add-on option.

Second Course: HIJIKI

HIJIKI is a rare species of wild seaweed that grows on rocky shores and looks like dried black tea leaves. It has been a staple of Japanese cuisine for centuries.

This second course is made of white asparagus, local razor clam with braised Japanese hijiki seaweed, seaweed mousse and nut ravioli, and completed with Chinese wine and razor clam juice.

You’ll also get TATE’s signature freshly baked handmade brioche with new seaweed butter this time.

Third Course: LAVER

LAVER, also called as nori, is a type of dried seaweed that grows off the coasts of Japan and the British Isles.

Hokkaido scallops are cooked in seaweed butter with dried scallop sauce and Chiu Chow laver, complete with an addition of Romanesco for a crunchy texture.

Four Course: WINGED KELP

WINGED KELP has the greatest protein level of all kelp and is abundant in trace metals and vitamins like niacin.

It thrives in cold seas in places like Scotland, Iceland, and Norway, and prefers the wave-exposed rocky reefs off the coast of Ireland.

TATE serves a potato kelp millefeuille with langoustine and chicken jus as a fresh take on this particular kelp. The millefeuille is topped with sesame, seaweed, and dried prawn powder.

Fifth Course: Dulse Seaweed

DULSE SEAWEED, a red algae superfood high in fiber, has been an important part of the Irish diet since the Great Famine of the 1840’s.

This fifth course uses dulse seaweed to steam threadfin fish to create an unrivalled depth of flavor, along with braised fennel, chicken, Chinese wine and aoi nori sauce.

The fish is served with an umami-rich side of seaweed risotto.

Final Course: ARAME

ARAME is another popular and adaptable seaweed that is used in Japanese cooking.

In this seaweed-inspired dessert, a jasmine mousse with arame poached meringue is served with a dollop of homemade green tea ice cream.

The seaweed voyage continues with the Mignadise Temptations, which include chocolate seaweed tuille and green tea chocolate rocher.

How much does it cost?

“An Ode to Seaweed,” is priced at HK$1,180+10% per guest.

When is this available?

It’s available from Thursday – Saturday starting from now until May 2022.

Can I see the full menu?




Seaweed sourdough cracker

Sea snail with celtuce

Smoked Eel mousse tartlet

Squid Egg Custard with Seaweed


Fresh Local Crab with Ocean Mousse and Seaweed Salad in Japanese Kombu Cone, Jerusalem Artichoke Purée


White Asparagus, Razor Clam and Braised Japanese Hijiki seaweed Ravioli with seaweed mousse & nuts, Chinese Wine, Razor clam juice


Homemade Brioche with Seaweed Butter


Hokkaido Scallop cooked in Seaweed Butter with Dried Scallop Sauce and Laver from Chiu Chow, Romanesco


Potato Seaweed Millefeuille, Langoustine, Chicken jus, sprinkled with sesame, seaweed, dried prawn powder


Seaweed Steamed Threadfin with Braised Fennel and Chicken Chinese Wine Aoi Nori Sauce Served with a seaweed risotto


Jasmine Mousse with Arame Poached Meringue, Green tea ice cream


Chocolate seaweed tuille

Green tea rocher

TATE Dining Room

Address: 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2555 2172


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