New Autumnal Pastries & Sweets by The Cakery for Halloween, Thanksgiving, CBD and more

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The Cakery, Hong Kong’s popular guilt-free bakery, is launching a new line of seasonal pastries in October to commemorate the forthcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, as well as CBD-infused cookies and energy bars.

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“I hope the introduction of these ingredients-conscious treats offer more people with dietary restrictions the chance to join in on festive occasions with loved ones.”

The Cakery founder, Shirley Kwok

Guests with dietary and lifestyle limitations will be spoilt for choice, with options ranging from gluten-free, keto, and non-dairy to delectable vegan treats.

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Seasonal Pastries

Desserts are one of the finest things about autumn, and The Cakery offers a new collection of themed pastries and pies to welcome the new season. Poached Pear (HKD 65), with festive overtones of cinnamon, cloves, and spiced pear, and Mont Blanc (HKD 65), the crowd-favourite chestnut puree topping with chestnut crème layers, are two new vegan mille-feuille flavours from The Cakery.

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Halloween Cookies

The Cakery has developed a pair of two eerie fondant 3D biscuits for Halloween this October. The Halloween Cookie Set (HKD 198/two) is sure to please sweet-toothed friends, family, coworkers, and, of course, children.

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Thanksgiving Pies

The Cakery brings two new pies that are excellent for Thanksgiving festivities at home. Pie is without a doubt the signature dessert of Autumn, and The Cakery introduces two new pies that are perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations at home.

The vegan Apple Crumble (HKD 360 with a 7-inch diameter) is made with a sweet-and-tart combination of Granny Smith and gala apples, and the keto-friendly Nutty Pecan Pie (HKD 480 with a 7-inch diameter) is made with almond meal and coconut flour instead of regular flour, and is made with a sweet-and-tart combination of Granny Smith and gala apples.

The Cakery’s First Range of CBD Products

The Cakery is excited to introduce its newest CBD-infused cookies and energy snacks. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical component present in the cannabis plant that is non-addictive. It is free of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana and hemp that causes a high.

Its use has been linked to a wide range of therapeutic advantages, including anxiety and depression treatment, insomnia treatment, pain and inflammation treatment, and even acne treatment.

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Cocoa Munch (HKD 55), a chewy vegan dark chocolate chip cookie with 40mg CBD isolation, and gluten-free and vegan Acai Energy Bar (HKD 38), which is filled with superfoods and 40mg CBD isolate, are among the new CBD pastries. The vegan Immunity Energy Bar (HKD 28) is a non-CBD energy bar made with gluten-free rolled oats and a blend of superfoods.

Guests can now add CBD oil to their tea, coffee, or cupcake to-go for an additional HKD 20 per 40mg as an added day-booster.

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