New “Ode to Forest” 6-Course Lunch Menu at Two-Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room

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From now till mid-December, the two-Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room will serve a refined new mushrooms-focused lunch menu with Chef Vicky Lau’s signature French Chinese twist on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Chef-patron Vicky Lau shines the spotlight on freshly foraged seasonal mushrooms, following a successful series of single-ingredient lunch menus that began in April 2020 that focused on Eggs, Rice, Tofu, Tea, Soy Sauce, Vegetables, Fruits, and more.

The 6-course tasting menu also includes a wine pairing option for three or six dishes, emphasising some of the best hand-selected wines and sake.

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“An Ode to Forest” comprises six courses of enhanced renditions of fourteen distinct types of mushrooms foraged from woods in Europe and around the region, uniting classic Asian flavours with polished French techniques, and is priced at HK$1,080 + 10% per person.

From the local King Oyster Mushroom and Swanson Mushroom to Japanese Shiitake and the highly sought-after Matsutake, each segment of the meal features a different variety of mushroom.

TATE Dining Room tables will be altered to resemble a lush green forest floor with a centrepiece of real moss and vines to complete the scene.


Amuse Bouche

The menu starts with a beautiful amuse-bouche including three varieties of mushrooms: cauliflower mushroom tartlet, chestnut, coconut, and button mushroom soup, and black truffle brioche beignets.

Japanese wood ear, lion’s mane, and shimeji oyster mushroom as cold noodles2.jpg

Ode to King Oyster Mushroom

The first episode offers cold noodles with wood ear (a mushroom that looks like a little, crinkly ear), lion’s mane fungus, and Shimeji oyster mushroom, all matched with a sparkling glass of Billecart-Salmon Brut “Sous Bois” from Champagne, France, NV.

Harvest soup of Japanese black cod, chicken tofu, Japanese matsutake, Chinese bamboo fungus3.jpg

Ode to Matsutake

A harvest soup made with Japanese black cod, chicken tofu, matsutake, and bamboo fungus, served with an earthy glass of Junmai Daiginjo Sake from Niigata, Japan.

Seaweed risotto, mussels, ganba fungus2.jpg

Ode to Ganba Fungus

Seaweed risotto with mussels and Chinese wild ganba fungus from Yunnan, which costs HK$2,500/kg and is also known as “dried beef mushroom” because of its highly savory flavor and wonderful chewy texture. Danjou-Banessy, “La Truffiere”, Carignan Noir-Grenache Noir, Cotes Catalanes, France, 2019. Danjou-Banessy, “La Truffiere”, Carignan Noir-Grenache Noir, Cotes Catalanes, France, 2019.

Pan-fried fresh abalone, lobster oyster sauce, shiitake mushroom 2.jpg

Ode to Shiitake

an umami-filled course of juicy Japanese shiitake mushroom Jane Eyre, pan-fried fresh abalone with lobster oyster sauce, paired with “Fleurie”, Gamay, Beaujolais, France, 2019. This season, TATE Dining Room’s anticipated bread course is Sour Dough with earthy and aromatic French Ceps Mushroom infused butter.

Yellow Chicken Roulade with Swanson, Salted Radish and Foie Gras3.jpg

Ode to Local Mushroom Farm

Local yellow chicken roulade, Swanson mushroom, salted radish, and foie gras make up the penultimate meal, which highlights locally farmed mushrooms. Danjou-Banessy, “La Truffiere,” Carignon Noir-Grenache Noir, Cotes Catalanes, France, 2018, is the designated wine match.

Coffee Mascarpone Cream with Banana Compote, Puff Pastry and Morel Caramel Soy 2.jpg

Ode to Morel

A unique delicacy made with coffee mascarpone cream, banana compote, puff pastry, and morel caramel soy sauce. A hefty glass of Barbeito Boal 10 years, Madeira, Portugal, heightens the sweet finish even more.


Magic Mushroom Mignardises

The mushroom adventure continues with the Magic Mushroom Mignardises collection, which includes chestnut praline chocolate, bacon-flavored chocolate, satay-flavored chocolate, and Hong Kong style eggettes.

How much does it cost?

  • An Ode to Forest HK$1,080 + 10% per pax

  • Wine pairings are offered for an extra HK$580 for three meals or HK$880 for all six courses.

TATE Dining Room

Address: 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2555 2172

Opening hours

Lunch – Friday – Saturday, 12pm – 2pm

Dinner – Tuesday – Saturday, 6pm – 10pm

This is a news article, not a review.


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