New Autumn Seasonal Hairy Crab Menu at Rosewood Hong Kong

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The Legacy House at Rosewood Hong Kong welcomes the new Autumn season with a brand new hairy crab menu.

Traditional Cantonese techniques are revived and given new life by Chinese Executive Chef Li Chi-Wai, presenting diners with an intriguing new way to savour the quality hairy crabs from Mainland China’s Lake Tai (Taihu).

This prized hairy crab is known for its mild, sweet taste and luscious texture, earning it the title of “King of Crabs”.

New Hairy Crab Ala Carte & Set Menu

The crustacean can be found in a variety of superior Cantonese dishes, including Legacy House Traditional Whole Hairy Crab (HKD980), which is simply steamed in ginger and a delicate herb broth, gastronomic delights like Steamed Shanghainese Pork Dumplings (HKD160/2pcs), as well as Wok-Fried Lion Fish (HKD880), and Braised Tofu with Scallops (HKD320), all of which are served with hairy crab cream.

Braised Green Bean Noodles with Hairy Crab Paste (HKD680) is a two-day advance order dish with the right combination of flavour and texture.

Alba White Truffle shavings can be added to any hairy crab dish for an extra HKD100 per gram.

A premium 6-Course Hairy Crab Set Menu is also offered for HK$2,680 per person, a must-try for hairy crab connoisseurs.

Japanese Whisky to Complement the Hairy Crab Experience

The autumnal gastronomic experience is also further elevated and enhanced by a hand-picked trio of outstanding Japanese whiskies.

The Legacy House debuts a new Japanese whisky experience, with a range of exquisite and well blended Hibiki Whisky that goes beautifully with the restaurant’s new dishes.

Known for its balance and finesse, Japanese whisky is able to complement with Cantonese dishes more easily than its Western counterparts while still giving a fragrant and ecstatic sensation to your tastebuds.

Intermediate Experience (HKD1,000): A Cocktail of Hibiki Japanese Harmony (30ml) and Hibiki 17 (30ml).

Advanced Experience (HKD2,000) includes a blend of Hibiki Japanese Harmony (30ml), Hibiki 17 (30ml) and Hibiki 21 (30ml.)

Guests can also order Hibiki Japanese Harmony (50ml) (HKD360), Hibiki 17 (50ml) (HKD1,500), and Hibiki 21 (50ml) (HKD1,500) Japanese whiskies by the glass (HKD1,800.)

The Legacy House

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