Two Michelin Stars NARISAWA from Tokyo is now in Singapore

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Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 02:49 am

Two Michelin Stars NARISAWA from Tokyo is now exclusively in Singapore till 30 April 2023
Photo credit: NARISAWA/The Mandala Club

From now till 30 April 2023, you’ll not be able to get a reservation at NARISAWA in Tokyo if you’re planning to visit. Instead, make a trip to Singapore where this two Michelin stars restaurant is holding its five-week exclusive residency at The Mandala Club. (Almost sold out as I’m writing this)

Held within the Mandala Club, The Masters Table has only a limited seating for 36 guests. this one-of-its-kind dining experience with Chef Narisawa is supported by his team of 20 from Tokyo in collaboration with Mandala Masters and Porsche.

Porsche Grand Draw

Upon entering the venue, you will be welcomed by an exhibit featuring Porsche’s inaugural fully-electric sports car, the Taycan and you get to participate in a virtual scavenger hunt where a lucky winner of the grand draw will receive an all-expenses-paid journey for two to the Porsche Experience Centre situated in Tokyo, Japan.

The Master's Table, in The Mandala Club, Singapore
Photo credit: NARISAWA/The Mandala Club

Gastronomic Journey

At The Masters Table, NARISAWA’s theme of “co-existing with forests” forms the backdrop for this presentation, which specifically emphasizes the importance of nature and the surrounding environment, paying tribute to the traditional Satoyama culture that embodies the peaceful coexistence of humans, foragers, and forests.

Chef Narisawa’s unique “Innovative Satoyama” approach to the cuisine will take center stage at The Masters Table, offering diners an exquisite culinary experience. The menu is inspired by the natural world and features sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients from Singapore, including the Edible Garden City.

To truly capture the Satoyama experience, you can choose from an 8 or 12-course lunch menu, while dinner will offer a grand 12 courses.

Two Michelin Stars NARISAWA from Tokyo is now exclusively in Singapore till 30 April 2023
Two Michelin Stars NARISAWA from Tokyo is now exclusively in Singapore till 30 April 2023
Two Michelin Stars NARISAWA from Tokyo is now exclusively in Singapore till 30 April 2023

With his latest creation, the ‘Scenery of Garden’, you get to discover Chef Narisawa’s culinary artistry and passion for sustainability and local ingredients.

The ‘Scenery of Garden’ is a celebration of the natural beauty and bounty of Singapore, showcasing the unique flavors and ingredients that can be found in this vibrant city-state.

Chef Narisawa
NARISAWA's new dish at The Masters Table: 'Scenery of Garden'
Photo credit: NARISAWA/The Mandala Club

Chef Narisawa has expertly sourced the ingredients from local farms and forests around Singapore, resulting in a dish that authentically represents the region’s flavors and essence. The visual presentation of the dish is equally impressive, served on a stunningly crafted wooden tray designed to resemble a garden.

The tray features an artful arrangement of small portions of fresh vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers that are sure to delight both the eyes and the taste buds. This dish is a true testament to Chef’s dedication to using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and showcasing their beauty and taste in his creations.

Showcasing his deep connection to nature and his commitment to using eco-friendly practices in his cuisine, ‘Scenery of Garden’ is just one of many innovative dishes you can savor at The Masters Table.

Chef Narisawa's signature dish from Tokyo, the 'Bread of the Forest 2010'

The culinary journey also includes Chef Narisawa’s signature dish from Tokyo, the ‘Bread of the Forest 2010’, which is meticulously crafted using candlelight and presented in a stunning garden wreath made of foliage sourced from Chef’s foraging expedition in Singapore, adding to the ambiance of the meal.

Crafted with a Sakura wheat flour base sourced from Japan, the delicately-made bread is a treat for the senses. It’s served with a rich mixture of grass butter and finished with a sprinkle of chlorophyll extracted from spinach, which adds a subtle bitterness that perfectly complements the bread’s earthy flavor.

One of the menu’s top attractions is the prized tuna dish featuring freshly procured tuna from the Shizuoka prefecture on the Pacific Ocean coast, sourced directly from the Toyosu market in Japan.

This dish is made even more exceptional by the personal selection of the tuna by the famous Japanese “Last King of Tuna,” Yukitaka Yamaguchi. This collaboration with Chef Narisawa marks the first time that Yamaguchi has worked with him, resulting in an exclusive and exceptional creation that’s only available during Narisawa’s residency in Singapore.

Drinks pairing

Masuda Sake Company
Photo credit: Masuda Sake Company

For beverages, Chef Narisawa has collaborated with the renowned Masuda Sake Company to curate a sake pairing for most of the dishes on the menu.

The only exception is the pairing for the elegant soup that highlights taro sourced from Malaysia, and where sea snake is expertly dried and smoked to extract the flavors used to create the broth. The dish is then finished off with a charred sea snake on top, adding a unique touch to this surprising dish.

To complement its flavors, the dish is expertly paired with Iwa Sake, a premium brand known for its exceptional taste and high quality.

The Iwa Sake served at The Masters Table is crafted by the renowned Shiraiwa Sake Brewery, led by industry legend Richard Geoffroy, who served as the chef de cave (cellarmaster) of Dom Pérignon for 28 years. It’s noteworthy that Geoffroy personally requested Chef Narisawa to pair the Iwa Sake with the taro and sea snake broth, which has resulted in an exceptional dining experience.

Iwa Sake has earned itself various accolades and international recognition for its smooth and delicate taste profile, subtle aroma, and clean finish. These unique characteristics make it an excellent complement to Chef Narisawa’s meticulously crafted dish.

The Masters Table by NARISAWA

for bookings of 2, 4, or 6 pax

Weekday Lunch + Pairing: Wednesday to Friday, 8 courses, from S$518++ to S$598++
Weekend Lunch + Pairing: 12 courses, S$748++ to S$848++
Dinner + Pairing: Wednesday to Sunday, 12 courses, S$748++ to S$848++

The Satoyama Room by NARISAWA

for booking of 4 to 12 pax

Weekday Lunch: Wednesday to Friday, 8 courses, S$400++
Weekend Lunch: 12 courses, S$600++
Dinner: Wednesday to Sunday, 12 courses, S$600++
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks pairings are optional and excluded in the listed price.

Where is The Mandala Club?

31 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089845

How to book?

Book online here

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