The Practice is a boutique eco-friendly yoga studio in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.

For Whom?
Beginners to yogis who seek for a tailored yoga experience and a supportive community.

The Good
Bright, natural light with big windows. Relaxing and the extremely clean environment – this is a huge plus for me. Central location. Shower facilities. Experienced and devoted yoga teachers who converse really well in both English & Cantonese. Classes are in English.

You can also unwind at the lovely coffee bar, called the study, within the space for a cuppa good coffee and cafe food.

the study hong kong

Image Credit: The Study

The Not so Good
No hot yoga classes but that don’t matter to me because I’m not a huge fan of hot yoga.

My Thoughts & Feelings
First thing first, I’m not a yoga person. Even though I’ve done yoga for a very short period of my life 8 years ago, it doesn’t excite me like how I love wakeboarding, surfing, rock climbing, and golf.

That said, I haven’t been working out since forever. These days, my body feels stiffer and my back started cracking at the slightest movement like a door hinge that needs some oil. I don’t feel good at all. I knew that no matter how many times I go for an awesome full body massage, nothing really beats what a good yoga session could do to my body.

Coincidentally, I got to know about The Practice through its co-founder/owner, Becky Lam, who is an avid yogi for many years. Her consistent sharings of her yogi journey online inspired me to give yoga a shot again. I admire her passion and grit, and I knew that I could trust my journey with her and her devoted team.

For my first yoga experience with The Practice, I’ve signed up for Power 1 class with Instructor Amanda Cheng. It was a small class of 3. Everyone was given enough attention and it felt really personalised to me. As we progressed towards more challenging poses, the session felt surprisingly easier for me. My tensed-up body began to feel more relaxed and I felt totally aligned with myself. For someone who hasn’t worked out in ages, I came out of the class feeling more refreshed than ever.

As I was rushing off for my lunch appointment, I didn’t get to try their shower facilities but I’m very sure I’ll be back at The Practice very soon. (I’ll remember to remove my shoes at the main door this time.)

Looking forward to my next practice!

Complimentary trial class available for new students. Find out more at The Practice.

The Practice
5/F, LKF29,
29 Wyndham Street, Central,
Hong Kong
+852 9855 7693

Banner Image Credit: The Practice

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