New Free-Flow Weekend Brunch at Musubi Hiro in Central

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Musubi Hiro is a towering new hero who brings a modern twist on old-school Japanese fare, inspired by the Tokusatsu Japanese live action series of the 1960s that showed massive Kaiju monsters face off against Kyodai heroes at enormous heights.

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Besides serving up made-to-order musubi dishes and reimagined izakaya-style snacks, as well as lots of sake, cocktails, and craft beer on tap, Musubi Hiro now offers Free-Flow Weekend Brunch.

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This Weekend Brunch (HK$388 per guest, additional HK$198 per guest for free-flow booze) begins with an array of delectable starter snacks (all-inclusive) inspired by izakaya menus, such as Suck’Em Dry Edamame, Salmon Tiradito, Oyster Chalaca, Queen Avocado, Chicken Wings & Shishito, and Nikkei Empanada.

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The brunch-exclusive Musubis include the Classic Tamago Musubi, Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Musubi, and Kimchi Chicken Musubi. Save room for dessert, because Musubi Hiro serves a mean Booze Em Up Dessert and soft and sweet Daifuku. All of the brunch items listed above are available in unlimited servings, which means you can have seconds, thirds, and even fourths!

Those who choose the free-flow drinks package will have access to an unlimited supply of House Sake, Asahi Super Dry, Brooklyn IPA, Hiro White Wine, Hiro Red Wine, Hiro Replica (the Hiro Espresso Martini), Wasake Prank (Hiro’s spiked Wasake Sour), fresh and crisp Sake Mojito, and Numb Ya Mouth (the Hiro Old-Fashioned).

Musubi Hiro’s new brunch is served every weekend and public holidays only from 12pm – 3pm.

Musubi Hiro

Address: G/F 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 5597 6911

Opening Hours: Daily 12:00pm-00:00am

Email: /

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