The Ultimate List of Michelin Star Restaurants in Singapore 2023

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Last updated on December 7th, 2023 at 05:29 am

On 27 June, Michelin Guide Singapore unveiled five new Michelin Star restaurants, raising the total number of MICHELIN Starred restaurants in Singapore to 55 at Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay.

This year also marks the first Michelin Green Star certification in Singapore, honoring one new restaurant’s dedication to sustainability.

This article covers:

  • 5 Restaurants Newly Minted with One MICHELIN Star
  • One Michelin Star Restaurants in Singapore 2023 (Full List)
  • The First Michelin Green Star Restaurant in Singapore 2023 (New)
  • Two Michelin Stars Restaurants in Singapore 2023 (Full List)
  • Three Michelin Stars Restaurants in Singapore 2023 (Full List)
  • MICHELIN Guide Service Award
  • MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award
  • MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award

5 Restaurants Newly Minted with One Michelin Star

1. Born

A modern dining room embellished by shimmering double arches, a high glass ceiling, and an ethereal paper sculpture is housed in Jinricksha Station (a former rickshaw depot circa 1903). Chef Zor Tan, a protégé of André Chiang’s, prepares a tasting menu inspired by the circle of life and his personal experience, fusing French gastronomy with Chinese cookery. Dishes offered are inventive and handcrafted with locally sourced ingredients, creating texture and flavor contrasts.

2. Poise

One MICHELIN STAR was awarded for its tasting menu, which reinvents European and Nordic classics that appear modest but are riddled with ingenious and imaginative pairings, as well as a sophisticated layering of textures and flavors.

Chef Steve Lancaster presents his culinary masterpieces in a monochrome chamber with theatrical lighting to draw attention to the food. The Chicken, Bacon, and Onion meal consists of a chicken lollipop packed with chicken mousse and served above a shallot purée cooked with bacon and onion, which adds flavor depth.

3. Seroja

Chef Kevin Wong, alumnus of prominent institutions in France, the United States, and Singapore, opened the restaurant in 2022 to express his passion for the Malay Archipelago. His seafood-focused tasting menus pay homage to Malaysian culinary traditions by making liberal use of native ingredients, flavors, and methods. The presentation is precise and artistic, and the flavors are delicate and well-balanced.

4. Sushi Sakuta

With a 10-seat counter built from a 200-year-old cypress tree from Nara, Japan, the space is basic yet lovely. Chef-owner Yoshio Sakuta collaborates closely with the all-Japanese culinary crew to create a seasonally inspired omakase menu featuring sushi and Japanese seafood, as well as luxury products such as caviar and truffles.

5. Willow

Singaporean chef Nicolas Tam, who has experience in various prominent kitchens, opened Willow as his first restaurant. His refined, precise, and balanced pan-Asian tasting menu features largely Japanese ingredients and his strong French skills. The meals are served and introduced by the chefs themselves, and they flow flawlessly and build on each other.

FULL LIST below in alphabetical order:

One Michelin Star Restaurants in Singapore 2023

  1. 28 WilkieItalian Contemporary
  2. AlmaEuropean Contemporary
  3. Art di Daniele Sperindio Italian
  4. BéniFrench Contemporary
  5. BornInnovative
  6. Braci Italian Contemporary
  7. Buona TerraItalian Contemporary
  8. Burnt EndsBarbecue
  9. CandlenutPeranakan
  10. Chef Kang’sCantonese
  11. Cure European Contemporary
  12. CUTSteakhouse
  13. Esora Innovative
  14. EuphoriaInnovative
  15. HamamotoSushi
  16. Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork NoodleStreet Food
  17. Iggy’sEuropean Contemporary
  18. Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (Orchard)Teochew
  19. JAGFrench Contemporary
  20. La Dame de PicFrench Contemporary
  21. LabyrinthInnovative
  22. Lei GardenCantonese
  23. LerouyFrench Contemporary
  24. Ma CuisineFrench
  25. MargueriteEuropean Contemporary
  26. Meta Innovative
  27. Nae:umKorean Contemporary
  28. NouriInnovative
  29. OshinoSushi
  30. Poise (new) – European Contemporary
  31. Putien (Kitchener Road)Fujian
  32. RêveEuropean Contemporary
  33. RhubarbFrench Contemporary
  34. Seroja (new) – Malaysian Contemporary
  35. Shinji (Bras Basah Road)Sushi
  36. Shisen HantenCantonese & Sichuan
  37. SommerEuropean Contemporary
  38. Summer PalaceCantonese
  39. Summer PavilionCantonese
  40. Sushi IchiSushi
  41. Sushi KimuraSushi
  42. Sushi Sakuta (new) – Sushi
  43. Table65European Contemporary
  44. Terra Italian Contemporary
  45. WhitegrassFrench Contemporary
  46. Willow (new) – Asian Contemporary

Michelin Green Star Restaurant in Singapore 2023

  1. SerojaMalaysian Contemporary

The Michelin Green Star recognizes restaurants that are at the forefront of the industry for their sustainable practices and dining experiences that combine culinary brilliance with excellent eco-friendly commitments.

Seroja, a freshly minted one Michelin Starred restaurant, also receives its first-ever MICHELIN Green Star in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2023.

Seroja uses Malaysian and Singaporean produce while conveying the beauty of nature in meals that represent the delicate seasonality dependent on the microclimate. The efforts to treasure the products are reflected in the cuisine as well as the non-alcoholic beverage pairing, which uses vegetable trimmings and more in their beverage creation. The restaurant also believes in continuing education by offering short courses to employees and doing scientific research.

Two Michelin Stars Restaurants in Singapore 2023

  1. Cloudstreet Innovative
  2. JAAN by Kirk WestawayBritish Contemporary
  3. Saint PierreFrench Contemporary
  4. ShoukouwaSushi
  5. ThevarInnovative
  6. Waku GhinJapanese Contemporary

Three Michelin Stars Restaurants in Singapore 2023

  1. Les AmisFrench
  2. OdetteFrench Contemporary
  3. ZenEuropean Contemporary

Michelin Guide Service Award: Desmond Wong

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Service Award seeks to recognize and reward competent and talented individuals that significantly improve the customer experience. Desmond Wong of Shoukouwa, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, receives this honor.

Wong has been with Shoukouwa since its inception. He is familiar with the qualities of the foods utilized, as well as the wine list and sake choices. He always gives diners expert advice and makes suitable recommendations. Wong bridges the communication gap between the cook and the diners by initiating intriguing interactions with customers.

Michelin Guide Sommelier Award: Makoto Iwabuchi

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award recognizes the abilities, expertise, and enthusiasm of the industry’s top sommeliers. The Sommelier Award is being presented this year.

Sushi Sakuta, a freshly awarded one MICHELIN Starred restaurant, presented Makoto Iwabuchi with this accolade.

Iwabuchi has a strong academic foundation in wine and a wealth of understanding in both wine and sake. Iwabuchi, who has spent over 15 years in Southeast Asia and Japan, is professional in his services and recommendations after studying the guests’ tastes.

Michelin Guide Young Chef Award: Kevin Wong

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award honors a young chef working in one of the selected restaurants who has impressed the inspectors with his or her extraordinary talent and promise. This year’s prize goes to Kevin Wong of Seroja, a freshly minted one MICHELIN Starred and MICHELIN Green Star restaurant.

Wong is youthful and passionate, and he expertly incorporates Malay and Southeast Asian ingredients and spices into his recipes, resulting in refined and tasty meals. He began his career in the culinary profession at the age of 14 and has worked in France, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Singapore.


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