15 Instagram Ideas for Chefs plus 3 Bonus Tips

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Having an Instagram account is the best way to build your personal brand and market yourself and your restaurant online.

Here are 15 useful content ideas for chef (plus 3 bonus tips):

  1. Your latest profile photo

  2. You – working in action

  3. Talk about your latest creation

  4. Feature your team and comrade

  5. Feature your restaurant interior

  6. Talk about hardship, struggle or crisis that you’re facing or have overcome

  7. Talk about your journey

  8. Share your culinary experiments

  9. Last-minute table availability

  10. Talk about your culinary inspiration

  11. Talk about trending topics

  12. Restaurant announcements

  13. Industry news

  14. Inspiring quotes

  15. Share behind-the-scenes moments

If you like to share your private life on your main feed while establishing your brand on Instagram, I recommend to keep it to an 80:20 ratio (80% chef’s life, 20% private life).

Whichever content ideas you wish to use, these are the 3 bonus tips that you need to remember when building your chef brand on Instagram or any social media platforms – Your updates should aim to do at least 1-2 of these:

  1. Educate

  2. Entertain

  3. Engage

Now get the ball rolling! Share something useful, meaningful or interesting to your audience. Let me know if you find these ideas useful for you in the comment below.

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    Cedric Noronha

    Very good post about the Instagram ideas for Chefs. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

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