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Hong Kong Restaurant Week Spring 2017

One thing I love about Hong Kong is that this amazing city is always coming up with impressive restaurants and bars that I’m forever spoilt for choice. Dining out regularly in Hong Kong can be pricey, so I’m very excited whenever the coveted Restaurant Week is back!

From 17 February to 26 February, Dining City’s Restaurant Week is a perfect opportunity to try out new restaurants that I’ve yet to dine in at unbelievably good prices. With 3-course lunch starting from HK$118 and a 3-course dinner starting from HK$298 at over 100 best restaurants in Hong Kong, this is one festival that foodies won’t wanna miss.

BRB – I’m going to try out some of the restaurants and share my experiences here.

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When: 17 – 26 February 2017
Where: See full list of restaurants


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