Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 端午節快樂!! Or shall I say, Happy Dumpling Day cos I care a lot about the great food 🤤 that comes with the festivities.

I grew up eating the best homemade glutinous rice dumplings (or more affectionately known as Ba Zhang and Ki Zhang in Hokkien) made by my grandma, godma and mummy dearest.

Almost 5 years in Hong Kong and this is my first time having a homemade Nyonya Dumpling here. So this is really close to my heart.

While there is a variety of glutinous rice dumplings from different Chinese regions and sub-ethnic groups, they are all distinctively shaped like a pyramid.

Nyonya Dumpling originated from the Perankans whose cooking style is a mix of both traditional Chinese with localised Malay influences in Singapore. 💙 The famous blue tip is a natural colouring extracted from blue pea flowers.

Making of this rice dumpling is extremely tedious. I’ll leave that to another time!

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy this savoury glutinous rice dumpling filled with delicious pork belly, pork fat, lard, and everything wonderful.

Really thankful to have reconnected with the legendary plusixfive @gozgozgoz. Waving our 🇸🇬 flag – Thanks for the AMAZING homemade Nyonya Dumplings!! 😎
🍽️ Homemade Nyonya Dumpling
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