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I was thrilled and honoured when Hong Kong Tourism Board invited me for The 20 Best of Old Town Central Hong Kong photo interview in March this year.

What Exactly is Old Town Central?

Central is the central business district of Hong Kong. Most of the MNC banks and financial corporations’ headquarters, Hong Kong government headquarters and foreign consulates are located in Central.

The Old Town Central is within Central and it’s the experiential part of Central. You’ll have the most interesting East Meets West and Old Meets New experiences over here with all the eateries, restaurants, bars, art spaces, graffiti, antique shops and etc.

It’s also one of my most frequent places in Hong Kong where I eat, shop, and play.

Behind The Scenes

foodtravelbabe eunice lim cnn hong kong tourism boardWe had 2 hours for the photoshoot and we walked around Old Town Central to the different places I like that were suitable for our shoot.

Joanne joined us after work and helped me with these behind the scenes photos.

foodtravelbabe eunice lim cnn hong kong tourism boardThe weather was fantastic during our photoshoot. We had such a great time!

My Favourite Dai Pai Dong in Old Town Central

foodtravelbabe eunice lim cnn hong kong tourism boardDo you know where is the most authentic local eating experience in Central? This is my favourite Dai Pai Dong (outdoor food stall) in Central and it’s a gem. You must try this at least once if you’re visiting or living in Hong Kong.

Find out more about my recommendation and what other outstanding personalities have to share about Old Town Central here!

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