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Dawn’s Jems – CNY Goodies Singapore

I’m so proud to share that my sister-in-law, Dawn, bakes one of the best CNY goodies I’ve ever tasted in Singapore.

Dawn graduated with a diploma in Pastry & Baking in 2008. She taught elective modules in Pastry & Culinary as a trainer and under her guidance, her students won the Champion in iChef competition in 2012.

Her passion for baking sparked after her kindergarten teacher taught her how to bake mini cupcakes when she was 5 and the rest is a history.

Whenever we have any family events, Dawn would take the initiative to bake something (or many things) delicious. She finds joy in baking for everyone and relishes on the sense of satisfaction when her goodies are being enjoyed. She knows exactly what we like to eat and often surprises us with new creations.

Dawn’s Jems

It was only until 2014 when Dawn started selling her delicious bakes and provides baking services for customised cakes, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, mooncakes and dessert tables for special occasions. Her bakes are always very well-received by her regular customers.

Dawn’s “Jems” means gems.

In Dawn’s world, her bakes are her gems. My brother’s name starts with a “J” and she wants her gems to have his name in it. Hence, Dawn’s Jems. Isn’t that sweet? She is also a mom of 2 incredibly adorable children too.

This year, I revamped her logo, guided her in her DIY photoshoot via WhatsApp (cos’ I wasn’t in Singapore!), edited her photographs, and created an official website, Facebook page, and Instagram to publicise her delicious creations because after eating her yummy-licious goodies for so many years, it’s about time!

Dawn is very particular about using quality ingredients and she bakes with pride. She does not do mass production hence all goodies are bake to order. This is to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy the freshest and delicious CNY goodies. I highly recommend Dawn’s Jems to everyone in Singapore, plus everything is at introductory prices. Great value!

Get your CNY goodies from Dawn’s Jems now!

Website: www.dawnsjems.com
Like Dawn’s Jem on Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawnsjems
Follow Dawn’s Jem on Instagram: www.instagram.com/dawnsjems


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