Chueca – New Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Central

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Chueca, a contemporary Spanish tapas restaurant, opens at Gough Street in Central.

Named after a Madrid city center district where most tapas bars are located, Chueca serves a delightful selection of Spanish delicacies in a calming blue interior.

Chueca’s open and airy dining area is designed by Yuki Yasukagawa (Design East), who is well-known for her Michelin-starred restaurant projects.

Chef Jordi Vallés, former Executive Chef of multiple Aqua Group and Pirata Group restaurants, is determined to bring a piece of his Spanish home to all food connoisseurs.

Diners can expect a variety of Spanish nibbles, charcuterie and hearty classics.


Beginning with Croquetas De Jamón (HKD 60), a tapas menu staple. Its crisp exterior and pillowy, flavourful, luxurious interior are the ideal way to begin any meal.

Chef’s Rusa (HKD 150) appears deceptively simple with its layer of sherry marinated salmon roe. Beneath it, however, is a delicious potato salad with mayonnaise and tuna.

Chef’s Canelón (HKD 140) is a traditional Catalan Christmas dish that is available all year in Chef Jordi’s hometown of Barcelona.

The tender truffled meat is wrapped in a delicate sheet of pasta and a piping hot porcini mushroom bechamel sauce flows across the intricate structure.

As an option, shaved truffles (HKD 40) can be ordered.

Lobster Rice (HKD 650) is a main course that is rich with sofrito (Spanish tomato sauce), squid, and a whole lobster as the finishing touch.


Chueca also provides brunch set that costs HKD 588 per person. It includes a seafood platter, a selection of tapas, a main course, and a dessert.

The Royal Chilled Seafood Platter features delectable Fine de Claire oysters, Boston lobster, tiger prawns, and chilled tuna tartare with avocado.

Guests can also choose the free-flow (HKD 198) option, which includes a large selection of Negroni, Red Sangria, Cava, wines, and beer.


Besides a wide selection of Spanish-only wines, Chueca also offers cocktails to complete your fiesta.

Chueca Gin Tonic (HKD 160) is made with fresh strawberries and is delicate and floral without being overly sweet.

Chueca Martini (HKD 160) is the feminine counterpart, with a balanced intensity from vodka, fraise liqueur, and chocolate bitters.

Strawberry Basil Smash (HKD 70) is sweet and lemony, with just a hint of herbs.

Chueca is now available for booking from October 30th, 2021 onwards.


Address: 8-10 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2703 0810


Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 12:00 pm –11:30pm
Saturday to Sunday 11:45am – 11:30pm

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