New Spring Menu: Bullet 9 at Revolver in Singapore

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Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 03:11 am

From now till end of June 2023, Executive Chef & Partner Saurabh Udinia and his team at Revolver are bringing new Spring’s produce in its latest Bullet 9 menu.

You get to choose from the great value 5-course menu (S$119++) for lunch, or an elaborate dinner series of 6-course Discovery menu (S$169++), 8-course Experience menu (S$229++) and Omakase (S$299++). If you’re vegetarian, you’ll be happy to know that there is an 8-course Vegetarian (S$159++) on the menu too.

Revolver’s beverage program includes a curated range of wine, cocktails and mocktails for ala carte orders while the wine, cocktail and sake pairings starts from S$75++.

Let’s take a look at the new dishes at Revolver:

New 5-Course Lunch Menu

Revolver Singapore: 5-course lunch

Looking for great value meal with the same high-quality ingredients and excellent service that the restaurant is popular for? You’ll be delighted by the new 5-course lunch at Revolver.

Featuring Japanese Aubergine paired with Tamarind Mash, Spanish Sea Bream Gujarat Kadhi made from yoghurt, onions, and mustard seeds, Australian Quail served with Wasabi & Yuzu Aioli, and a Comte-stuffed Kulchette that is accompanied by spiced French pea and paneer mash and this lunch finishes off with Fresh Peach dessert.

New Bullet 9 Menu Highlights

For a complete experience, I recommend going for the dinner menu:

The Snack Box

Revolver Singapore: Bullet 9 Menu

As Bullet 9’s opening shot, this season’s The Snack Box features palate teasers such as Curd Rice Caviar Poppadum, Prawn Balchao Monaka, and a Foie Gras Corn Sphere.


Revolver Singapore: Paneer

Revolver’s famous Paneer is served with a cashew and basil pesto and seasoned with Indonesian sambal ijo, a type of green chilli sambal this time.

The Paneer is freshly flew in from Delhi on a regular basis – arriving three times each week at Revolver. To complete the dish, sambal ijo is prepared by Caecelia, a close friend of Revolver from Singaporeliciouz.

Hokkaido Scallop and Mud Crab Moilee

Revolver Singapore: Hokkaido Scallop and Mud Crab Moilee

This dish Hokkaido Scallop and Mud Crab Moilee includes the traditional Keralan moilee, which is a flavorful coconut fish dish that is rich with spices such as coconut milk, ginger, curry leaves, and mustard seeds.

Boston Lobster

Revolver Singapore: Boston Lobsters

Revolver expertly cooks live Boston lobsters in their hand-beaten tandoor, coats them with lemon pickle, and serves them with fennel seeds to create a flavorful and delicious dish.

Spring Lamb

Revolver Singapore: Spring Lamb

The Spring Lamb from New Zealand is raised on chicory, which gives the meat a unique and refreshing taste. After being grilled, the lamb is served with korma which is a classic North Indian stew made with green cardamom, black pepper, and cashews. A touch of Indian Habaneros is used to increase the spiciness level.


Revolver’s Kulchette is another one of their distinctive offerings. This small flatbread is always served warm, straight out of the tandoor. It is stuffed with Comte cheese and served alongside Mangalorean-style ghee roast wagyu and bone marrow.

Textures of Alphonso

Revolver Singapore: Textures of Alphonso

For dessert, Revolver pays homage to one of India’s most exquisite fruits, the Alphonso mango. Using only the finest Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, which is known as the best variety of Indian mango.

The Textures of Alphonso dish showcases the fruit’s freshness with Alphonso mango espuma, yoghurt sorbet, popping candy, and almond granola.


Revolver Singapore: Chocolate

Comes with a glass of cacao wine and a square of their Special Blend 65% Dark Chocolate. Revolver collaborated with Singaporean chocolatier Mr. Bucket to create this chocolate.

Produced with cacao beans that are harvested from the foothills of Anaimalai Hills in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu India. Chef Saurabh Udinia infuses the chocolate with his unique blend of green mukhwas. It serves to cleanse the palate and aid in digestion.

The Cacao Wine is crafted sustainably with cacao pulp that is typically discarded by farmers in Vung Tau, Vietnam. It is aged for two years and possesses notes of dried currant and caramelised pineapples and cherries.

A mist of Revolver’s house-made orange and cardamom spray complements the cacao wine’s delicious flavors.


Address: 56 Tras Street. Singapore 078995
Tel: +65 6223 2812

Image credit: Revolver

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