Best Mooncakes in Hong Kong 2020

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Mid-Autumn festival is around the corner and with so many mooncake gift options in Hong Kong, here are my recommendations to make your decision making easier.

Lei Garden Mooncake 2020.jpg

Best Value Mooncake: Lei Garden

Whether you are looking for traditional salted egg mooncakes or new egg custard flavour mooncakes, you can find the best value mooncake gifts at Lei Garden.

I recommend getting the Shuangju Yueyue Gift Box (Picture above – Retail price: HK$268, Discount price: HK$188).

Order here:


Best Mooncake for Tea Lovers: Peninsula Boutique

Infused with Peninsula Hotel’s most-loved teas, you can enjoy 4 different flavours (Tie Guan Yin, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey and Rose Black Tea) all in one box of 8 Mini Tea Flavoured Egg Custard Mooncakes.

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Venchi Chocolate Mooncakes.jpg

Best Mooncake for Chocolate Lovers: Venchi

Who says mooncake can’t be made of chocolate? Bite into the black cherry creamy heart of Venchi mooncake and discover a hidden layer of 75% dark chocolate in it.

Gluten free, palm oil free, no preservatives and vegan friendly too.

Details here:


Best Mooncake for Vegetarians: Esca

Hello, melting lava mooncake. This Salted Egg Parmesan Custard Lava Mooncake from Esca is not only suitable for vegetarians but it is also great for all. One of the best tasting mooncakes I’ve had this year.

Handmade with no preservatives.

Order here:

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