Bengal Brothers – New Indian Street Food Vendor at BaseHall in Central

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From February 2022, Hong Kong’s biggest food hall, BaseHall, introduces a new vendor Bengal Brothers that brings Indian street food to its culinary offerings in Central.

Indian Street Food

Introducing Hong Kong to street-side eateries of India, Bengal Brothers offers classic “Kati rolls”, which are made of chunks of chargrilled meats or vegetables stuffed into paratha flatbreads and topped with fresh salad drizzled with chutneys and spices.

“First-class bowls” at Bengal Brothers

The “First-class bowls” are another specialty, with a cheeky name inspired by the adjective used by Indian uncles and aunties to describe a top-notch experience or product.

Each bowl includes a fragrant rice bed, cool cucumber and peanut salad, tangy chutney, and the main topping, which ranges from classic Chicken Tikka (HK$118) to vegetarian options like Punjabi Chickpea (HK$108) and Achaari Paneer (HK$118) served in a classic makhani sauce.

Bengal Brothers’ BaseHall special is a “Low Carb Grill Set” (HK$148) which includes Poppadums, Koshimbirsalad, and your choice of grilled Chicken Tikka or Paneer, as well as a drink of your choice.

Gunpowder Fries (HK$48), Poppadums & Chutney (HK$48), Sweet Potato Chaat (HK$68), Koshimbir Salad (HK$48), and Kerala Fried Chicken (HK$78) are among the other Indian street snacks available at BaseHall.

Indian Beverages

Quench your thirst with Indian craft beer, such as BIRA91 Lager (HK$58) or BIRA91 Pomelo IPA (HK$58), or with a fresh Mango Lassi (HK$58) or Masala Chai (HK$48).

BaseHall is Bengal Brothers’ second outpost in Hong Kong after the success of their first location in Wanchai.

Bengal Brothers at BaseHall

LG9 Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong


This is a news article, not a restaurant review.