Looking for French fine dining in Wan Chai? Auor by Chef Edward Voon is set to open in July 2022

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Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 03:08 am

Helmed and co-owned by Chef Edward Voon (formerly the executive chef at LE PAN), Auor is Chef Edward’s first restaurant venture and it’ll be the newest French fine dining restaurant that is set to open this July in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Inspired by the circle of life and the passage of time, Auor merges the past and future into the present, showcasing the life and diversity at Auor. According to Chef and co-owner Edward Voon, Auor is about two lives coming together to share the moment of Asian dignity “flavors” with French cooking.

Wow, so how do I pronounce Auor?

Auor is pronounced as “hour”.

How does Auor interior look like?

Interior rendering of Auor.

Designed by Chef-proprietor Edward Voon, Auor highlights the symmetry of circles, which may be found all around us.

Imagine walking through a rotunda of radial motifs, seasonal flowers that welcome you into an atmosphere of umber, gold, and dark greys through a rotunda of radial designs.

You’ll notice that comfort is evoked by curved walls lined with warm wood and textured carpeting that is balanced by a contemporary edge imparted by an interplay of brass, leather, and graphite and a terrace that adds a lightness to the space.

In the main dining room, the round tables seat up to four people each while the Gold and Bronze private dining rooms seat up to six people each. Each round table represents life’s symmetry at Auor.

For foodies, the best seats in the house will be the Chef’s Table which seats up to 10 guests with an open view of the bustling kitchen.

What can I expect at Auor?

Paced in an accord with the 24 solar terms of the Chinese calendar, the six-course tasting menu experience at Auor begins with “I. Awakening”, providing the first taste of life at the top of the hour, followed by purifying “II. Rain”, nature’s prelude to sunshine and growth.

Dishes are inspired by conversations with friends or the sounds I’m listening to, as words and music stimulate the mind to explore uncharted paths. Minutes will melt into golden hours as guests board a French train laden with Asian memories for a gastronomic adventure through the circle of time.
— Chef Edward Voon

The menu continues with “III. Colours”, which demonstrates the rich and imaginative stories that add vivacity to life’s moments while “IV. Diversity” is a reflection of Chef Voon’s formative years in the bustling cities of Singapore and Hong Kong, where he learned to find and embrace diversity in chaos.

“V. Soul” is a brooding deep dive into the complex layers and textures of life, and a natural segue into “VI. Memory”, a blissful and nostalgic bow into the past – the course that completes the circle of life.

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With Chef Edward Voon’s well-connected network and friendship with many renowned celebrities in Hong Kong, I’m sure celebrity sightings would be a norm at his new restaurant too.

At the centre of everything we create at Auor are the Six Rounds, a procession of taste sensations that respect the bountiful seasons and embrace the evolving nature of life in all its beauty.
— Chef Edward Voon

How much does it cost?

The Six Rounds (six courses for HK$1,680 per person) is Auor’s signature dining experience, a procession of taste experiences that respect the seasons and evoke the wheel of life.

Each ’round’ exhibits a perfect combination of ritual and avant-garde flair as driven by the Chef’s imagination with a culinary philosophy that centers around time.

There’s also a Menu Dégustation (eight courses for HK$1,980 per person)

In short:

  • Six Rounds (six courses for HK$1,680+ per person)

  • Menu Dégustation (eight courses for HK$1,980+ per person)

What if I’m pressed for time?

Besides the signature 6-course menu, you can opt for a four-course lunch menu.

What are the opening hours at Auor?

Auor will open for lunch from 12pm – 3pm on Tuesday – Saturday (except public holidays) and dinner from 6pm – 10pm on Monday – Saturday.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation here.


Address: 4/F, 88 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2866 4888
Email: info@auor.com.hk
Website: www.auor.com.hk
Instagram: @auor.hkg @edwardvoon74

Image courtesy of Auor.