I’m fond of surprising Joanne whenever I can. I always have something good up my sleeve.

Our monthsary means a lot to us. It’s the time when we celebrate our big/small relationship milestones, count our blessings and look forward to our future together.

Our ATUM Desserant Experience

Even though I’m not a fan of sugar and sweets, Joanne is. So this was a perfect place for me to bring her. I did my research. The desserts shown on ATUM Desserant‘s Instagram look impressive and their reviews are generally positive. Since we love experiencing new things together, this was definitely a place to visit!

This contemporary dessert bar is located at The L. Square and it’s only 3 minutes away from Causeway Bay MTR Exit C.

Our reservation was at 4.30pm and we ordered the “Improvisation for 2” dessert (HK$348 + 10% service). We had our welcome drinks served in test tubes and the choice of coffee or tea for two that came with the Improvisation set.

PRO TIP: Have your desserts before a proper meal. Chances are, you don’t need the proper meal after that.

We were served by a cheerful artist named Shirley. She’s an interior designer by profession and she enjoys creating edible art pieces at ATUM Desserant during weekends. We appreciate her warm personality and attentive service. She made us feel at home.

I was glad that this didn’t turn out to be a gimmicky place. The desserts were well-executed and reasonably priced. Their service was good and we especially enjoyed watching how our “Improvisation” was created.

ATUM Desserant is a great place for anyone who wants to celebrate their friendships, anniversaries and birthdays.

PRO TIP: Want great looking photos on your Instagram? Book your reservation time before 3.30pm. The natural lighting is perfect.

For those who opt for the “Improvisation” dessert like us, you’ll get to sit at the bar and witness the edible art painted right in front of your eyes.

PRO TIP: Want more time at ATUM Desserant? Book your reservation time at 4.30pm like us. This is when the sun is about to set and it’s near dinner time when your dessert is complete. You might even get the whole place to yourselves during this non-peak period!

ATUM Desserant
Address: 16/F The L.Square, 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
銅鑼灣駱克道459-461號The L. Square 16樓
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 14:45 – 00:00, Fri-Sun 13:00 – 00:00
Tel: +852 2956 1411 / +852 2377 2400

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