Eunice Lim is a food & lifestyle photographer who shutters (pun intended) between Hong Kong and Singapore. Commonly known among our closest friends as small girl, HUGE appetite (she eats more than most men out there). A creative person by nature, Eunice speaks with her heart and shoots with her imagination.

A pro at planning holidays, from finding the roads less travelled in Japan to the most romantic hideouts in Santorini. Travel like a king, but spend like a pauper. Curious to know how this is possible? Follow us and you will find tips that Eunice will drop along the way.

Joanne Lim is the numbers person. A trader based in Hong Kong for the past 3 years. Fine dining but not blowing a huge hole in the wallet is her kinda thing. Wanna check out the hippest and newest bars/restaurants in town? Joanne is your person to go to.

Working hard daily at living a balanced life, from crazy early mornings to making the best of her weekends. Writing is her outlet and her source of expressing herself, away from the hustle and bustle of the trading desk. If golf happens to be your sport, be sure to hit her up some time!

Though at completely different ends of the spectrum, somehow, there could not be 2 opposite poles who attract and complement each other more. They are two girls in love with each other and taking on the world one bite at a time!

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