5 Amazing Breakfast Spots in San Francisco

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Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Fresh, creative pastries that are not only pretty for the ‘Gram but they’re also incredibly delicious! Try their cruffin, matcha croissant and doughnuts!


This American breakfast place features the old film. We didn’t get to eat here but it’s definitely a place we’d love to go the next time we’re back in San Fransico

We saw a long snaking line and we went for Homeskillet around the corner instead. 


If you don’t wanna queue for Dottie’s, check out Homeskillet that is just around the corner. We were so delighted to have our breakfast here. I had the best chai latte. We ordered the Eggs Benedict and more. Casual vibes with a good mix of locals and travellers.

Honey Honey

Excellent pancakes that are fresh, soft and fluffy. Queued for at least 30minutes to get our food. Was it worth 30min of my time? I’m not a big fan of queueing BUT their pancakes are so fresh, soft and fluffy. They serve a wide range of breakfasts. Good service even though I find it a little touristy.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Don’t have a huge appetite for a full-on American breakfast? Get your breakfast Blue Bottle Coffee instead. We came to Blue Bottle Coffee for their coffee and discovered that they serve breakfast too. I highly recommend you to try their poached eggs on toast. The eggs are perfectly seasoned and the meal size is served. Tad pricey but you get quality and good vibes.

They have a few branches around San Francisco. We recommend the one at Mint Street.

Have you been to these places in SF? Do share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment box below!


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