3 Best Foods I’ve Eaten in LA and Santa Monica Last Weekend

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Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 03:08 am

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Being in the U.S. has been a breath of fresh air ever since I moved out of Hong Kong.

It’s a place where nobody knows me (yet. hehe) and I get to discover food and experiences in the most organic way.

In this new column at foodtravelbabe.com, I’ll be blogging about my food and travel adventures in this melting pot, where I indulge myself in delicious foods and explore hotspots and hidden gems.

Here are 3 best foods I’ve eaten in LA and Santa Monica last weekend:

1. “Sunday Gravy” Spaghetti & Meatballs at Knead

“Sunday Gravy” Spaghetti & Meatballs (US$14). Image courtesy of Knead.

Pasta is one of my MOST favourite foods to enjoy.

This “Sunday Gravy” Spaghetti & Meatballs (US$14) at Knead is made of huge housemade meatballs, fresh spaghetti, and cooked in a wok with big flames, generous portions of parmesan cheese and 24-hour braised pork tomato sauce aka “Sunday Gravy” that I savoured every single drip.

Having travelled to many parts of Italy for the most authentic and delicious pasta, as well as fine dining in three Michelin-starred Italian restaurants, I dare to say that this “Sunday Gravy” Spaghetti & Meatballs at Knead is incredibly well-made, tasty and bang for the buck.


Will go back for this in a heartbeat.

My FAVOURITE casual spot to enjoy pasta in LA.


Address: Grand Central Market, 317 S Broadway Stall A3, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Email: Info@kneadpasta.com
Tel: +1 (213) 223-7592
Website: www.kneadpasta.com
Opening Hours: Sun – Wed 11am -5pm, Thu – Sat 11am – 8pm

2. Single Burger at Everson Royce Bar

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I’m not usually a burger person but I was told that Everson Royce Bar’s famous Single Burger is on crack!

After a full meal at Knead, bar hopped from Perch to Little Bear Bar, I ventured to Everson Royce Bar with a stomach that was already full.


Made with juicy prime beef chuck, Tillamook cheddar that is aged for bold flavors, dijonaise. dill pickle on the side, and perfectly crisp-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside egg brioche bun, this Single Burger (US$10) proves that a great burger doesn’t take a whole load of ingredients slapped in between.

One of the best burgers I’ve had so far.

Everson Royce Bar

Address: 1936 E 7th street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel: +1 (213) 335 6166
Website: www.erbla.com
Opening Hours: Wed 4pm – 11pm, Thu 4pm – 2am, Fri 4pm – 2am, Sat 4pm – 2am, Sun 4pm – 11pm
Happy Hour: 4pm-6pm daily

Onsite parking is available.

3. Bombing Giant Squid

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Santa Monica is about 45 minutes drive from Los Angeles and over the weekend, 626 Night Market mini was held there. I was told that this is the original and largest Asia-inspired night market in the United States with events in Los Angeles and Orange County.

So here I go!

With so many stalls at 626 Night Market – I even spotted a dim sum stall that was cooking frozen Wei Chuan foods that I could easily get at the supermarkets (side-eye!!!) – I decided to choose something that is freshly cooked right in front of me and perhaps, the biggest for my appetite.

The Bombing Giant Squid (US$20) is not only gigantic but also beautifully deep-fried with the right amount of tenderness when I bite into the squid.

Good for sharing.

Even though there is a chart that teaches you how to cut them with the scissors that they provide, I recommend not cutting them into small pieces but munching into the giant squid instead.

Promise! It’s a lot more satisfying this way.

Bombing Giant Squid

Address: 626 Night Market, 452 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Instagram: @bombinggiantsquid
P.S. Check out 626 Night Market for the latest schedule and vendors lineup.

Bonus: Jasmine Milk Tea at Bobaful

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Never have I queued for a cup of boba tea/bubble tea in a long snaking line!

While queueing, I could see them rolling out batches of freshly cooked boba. I also found out that the tea served at Bobaful are all freshly brewed with real tea leaves. No shortcut!

I ordered the Jasmine Milk Tea (US$8) to quench my thirst after having the deep-fried giant squid. The jasmine tea tasted not only natural and refreshing but the milk that they used is actually NON-DAIRY. 😀

I mean… why don’t the milk tea shops in Singapore/Hong Kong sell non-dairy milk tea?? (Can I get a cheer from fellow lactose-intolerant milk tea lovers?!)

Back to Bobaful, their boba is not like the ones in SG/HK which tend to taste more synthetic and harder in texture. Bobaful’s boba tasted so natural, soft and gently chewy – just the way I like!

I know this is a drink but discovering Bobaful at 626 Night Market mini has simply completed my weekend.

The wait was totally worth it, but I’d order more than one cup the next time…

Address: 626 Night Market, 452 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Instagram: @bobaful_
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Bobaful
P.S. Check out 626 Night Market for the latest schedule and vendors lineup.

Do you agree with what I’ve said? Got another place to recommend me? Comment below and spill the boba!