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Yan Restaurant FoodTravelBabe-2

Yan Restaurant at National Gallery Singapore

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might know that I travel back to Singapore often for business as well as spending time with my family – including Joanne’s mom. The recent 3-day trip was very short and…

Kelly Jie Claypot Crab Vermicelli Soup
Food Guide Singapore

My Go-To Food When I’m Back in Singapore

Growing up in Singapore, friends who know me long enough remember that I don’t really eat hawker food. Some called me “atas” (in Singlish, it means high class), but others know that I always had delicious homecooked meals every…

Dawn's Jems

Dawn’s Jems – CNY Goodies Singapore

I’m so proud to share that my sister-in-law, Dawn, bakes one of the best CNY goodies I’ve ever tasted in Singapore. Dawn graduated with a diploma in Pastry & Baking in 2008. She taught elective modules in Pastry & Culinary…

foodtravelbabe living hong kong relationship

Why Living in Hong Kong Strengthens Our Relationship

Hong Kong is a vibrant and stimulating city. There is no lack of people to meet every day. The dating scene is exciting but relationships can be pretty transient for expats because people come and go all the time.…


This Ultimate Waygu Beef Bento Costs Almost US$3,000

Meet the ultimate whet dream of any Wagyu lover… in a WAGYU BEEF BENTO. AND IT COSTS ALMOST US$3,000. Seriously, who would have thought of this? Japan’s lunch boxes (aka bento) are usually unassuming and affordably priced. But this…

Lumieres Hong Kong
Hong Kong Things To Do

Lumieres Hong Kong 23-25 Nov 2017

I just came back from the media preview of Lumieres Hong Kong last night. Boy, I was floored. This is Hong Kong’s first-ever light festival and it’s AMAZING. A post shared by FOODTRAVELBABE ♡ Eunice Lim ♡ (@foodtravelbabe) on…

foodtravelbabe Joanne's Birthday Party 2015

My First Year Planning For Joanne’s Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations have been a big thing to me since young. It is a meaningful and special occasion where we get together with our loved ones to celebrate life, love and good times. My family and relatives would plan and…